In a March 15, 2018 order, noting that only state law claims remained in the case, a California federal court remanded to state court a lawsuit against an insurance company and its affiliates, which alleged that they fraudulently marketed and sold a workers' compensation program.

This case involves a matter that plaintiff BSA Framing Inc. ("BSA") filed against defendants Applied Underwriters, Inc. ("AUW"), Applied Underwriters Captive Risk Assurance Company, Inc. ("AUCRA"), California Insurance Company ("CIC"), and Applied Risk Services, Inc. ("ARS") (collectively, the "Applied Defendants"). BSA entered into the Applied Defendants' EquityComp workers' compensation package, which consists of three consecutive one-year workers' compensation policies issued by defendant CIC, an affiliate of AUW, and a "Reinsurance Participation Agreement" with defendant AUCRA (the "RPA"). According to the complaint, over the course of its three-year participation in the EquityComp program, BSA paid the Applied Defendants a total of $2,133,345 in premiums and defendants paid $352,623 in BSA-related workers' compensation claims pursuant to the terms of the workers compensation policies and the RPA. BSA also alleges that defendants made misrepresentations or omissions that led it to believe that its participation in the EquityComp program would be more financially favorable to BSA than it was. Specifically, BSA alleges that it expected to pay "at least $868,583" less than it actually paid in premiums over the course of its participation in the EquityComp program. BSA also alleges that the RPA was "purposefully written to be as vague as possible and to obfuscate and hide the manner in which an insured's payment obligations are to be determined."

BSA first filed its suit against the Applied Defendants in California state court, asserting several California state law claims and federal RICO claims. The Applied Defendants removed the case, invoking the district court's federal-question jurisdiction on the basis of BSA's RICO claims. In a November 28, 2017 order, the California district court granted the Applied Defendants' motion to dismiss the RICO claims, but allowed BSA to file an amended complaint. BSA then filed an amended complaint, in which it again asserted RICO claims against the Applied Defendants, which again moved to dismiss the RICO claims. On February 27, 2018, the California district court granted the Applied Defendants' motion without leave to amend and also ordered the Applied Defendants to show cause why the action, which now involves only state claims, should not be remanded to state court. The Applied Defendants did not file a response, and thus, the California district court remanded the case to state court.

BSA Framing, Inc. v. Applied Underwriters, Inc. et al., No. CV-17-1836 (USDC C.D. Cal. Feb. 27 and Mar. 15, 2018)

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