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Personal Injury
Holman Webb
An example of how difficult it can be to successfully rely on a limitations defence, particularly at an interlocutory stage.
Carroll & O'Dea
Recovery of compensation money for false and misleading representations made by the claimant in his motor vehicle claim.
Polaris Lawyers
You should understand your rights and obligations in the agreement as signed with the law firm you have engaged.
Carroll & O'Dea
Recent report on head trauma claims. Focus on the barriers to affected individuals seeking compensation.
Carroll & O'Dea
Discusses recent personal injury case & highilights the strict principles that apply in such cases.
Carroll & O'Dea
Details what teachers need to know about workers compensation & provides a case summary on recent relevant case.
Carroll & O'Dea
Dust diseases are chronic lung illnesses, caused primarily from exposure to hazardous dust particles, in many workplaces.
Carroll & O'Dea
Gratuitous care is the assistance provided to an injured person by family or friends, without financial compensation.
If you have been injured during a package holiday, it is important to tell your tour or travel operator about the accident – and ask them to notify its insurer – following an important ruling.
McCarthy Tétrault LLP
On March 27, 2024, the Court of Appeal for Ontario released its much awaited decision in Palmer v. Teva. The decision sends a clear signal that claims based on weak science...
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
On March 27, 2024, the government of Québec sanctioned Bill 42, An Act to prevent and fight psychological harassment and sexual violence in the workplace...
McCague Borlack LLP
The 2024 Ontario Provincial Budget, titled "Building a Better Ontario" was recently released, and it proposes several changes to the automobile insurance regime, which could have profound impacts if adopted.
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
On March 27, 2024, the Ontario Court of Appeal (Court) affirmed in Palmer v. Teva Canada Ltd. (Palmer) that Canadian law does not provide remedies for an increased risk of harm.
Franchisors are often dragged into legal disputes between their franchisees and those franchisees' customers and employees.
Gluckstein Lawyers
Warnings about the dangers of staring directly at the sun during an eclipse are practically as old as the sun itself. But a new study is warning that people may also be at greater risk...
Pallett Valo LLP
Cox v. Miller (2024 BCCA) ("Cox") is narrowly centered on recreational sports, and the duality of permissive play in comparison to careless actions.
Gluckstein Lawyers
The key to success in a birth injury case is proving liability. Liability has two essential elements: a breach of the standard of care and causation. Where the allegation is that a newborn...
The issue of nuclear liability and nuclear liability waiver clauses will likely gain increased importance in Sweden, as the construction of new nuclear power plants successively has become a strong political objective.
Bär & Karrer
Product liability claims may be based on (1) the Swiss Product Liability Act (PLA), (2) contract law, (3) tort law, or (4) statutory provisions applicable to specific industries.
Herrington Carmichael
This April is Stress Awareness Month, which aims to increase awareness of both the contributory factors and solutions to workplace stress.
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