Gender equality is by no means a new topic but it is not one that we can proudly say we have mastered, yet.

Despite the efforts and awareness that are commonplace nowadays around the issue, the stark reality is that while women make up almost half of the workforce in many parts of the world, the most senior roles in the largest businesses are still overwhelmingly held by men.

It's a well-known fact that women are typically under-represented on Boards in all industries, but why is it particularly so in the Gaming Industry, one of the most creative and innovative industries out there? KPMG has a proud history of ground-breaking women in leadership roles and the #WeAllWantToPlay movement is KPMG's Diversity Initiative for the gaming sector, which showcases the commitment to social change.

Specialist diversity initiatives can, at times, inadvertently cause more harm than good – the aim of #WeAllWantToPlay is to take the issue beyond that of a specialist gender diversity effort and into mainstream talent management and corporate strategy.

The best way to combat sexism and inequality is by moving the conversation forward and highlighting why gender equality is important for everyone, not just women. It's essential to realise that men play a critical role in the advancement of women and it is only until then that we can create more possibilities for women, and also more choices for men too.

We should be looking to bring about serious change, not at the expense of men, but by creating new ways of working that reflect the realities of today, and tomorrow. To develop a new and shared understanding of what success means.

So this International Women's Day does fall at a better time to be a woman, a time where we are seeing the power of resistance to make a change.

This is not yesteryear's battle of the sexes1.. this is equality.


1. Helena Morrissey, 'A good time to be a girl' 

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