In a press release issued by the Ministry for Finance and Financial Services on 14 July 2020, it was announced that the Commissioner for Revenue notifies that those individuals who are required to file a Tax Return (for year of assessment 2020 / basis year 2019), which is usually submitted by the end of June, will be allowed to do so until the end of August. Such applies to all individuals who file the Tax Return, whether by sending it by post or by using the online facility.

A corresponding notice on the Revenue's website is not yet published. We understand that such notification supersedes the earlier notification on the CfR website of 2 June 2020 which granted a one month extension for the filing of Tax Returns (manually) and extends the notification of 26 June 2020 which granted a two month extension solely to the electronic submission of Tax Returns.

The new income tax return, launched in June 2020, can be filed by individual taxpayers through the MyTax Services portal.

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