In February 2017, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development issued a guide containing indicative policies regarding work behavioral conduct (the "Indicative Policies"). The Indicative Policies mention that behavioral and ethical rules in the workplace foster an attractive and productive work environment.

Most notably, the Indicative Policies encourage:

  1. transparency;
  2. dialogue between the employer and the employees;
  3. informing the employer of any infractions at the workplace;
  4. the avoidance of conflicts of interests;
  5. respect and cooperation between colleagues;
  6. fairness and equality in the treatment of employees;
  7. the usage of the employer's equipment and tools solely for work-related purposes;
  8. refraining from the payment of any bribes;
  9. the formulation by the employer of a clear policy concerning the acceptance by employees of gifts from third parties; and
  10. the employees to refrain from the collection of donations.

The Ministry has pursued its efforts to advance ethics in the workplace. On 6 May 2017 (10/8/1438 H.), it issued Ministerial Decision Number 111053, through which it ordered giant and large institutions to issue policies on work behavioral conduct by no later than 23 August 2017 (1/11/1438 H.).

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